Mission description Edit

Ulf Reinhart, one of the guards in Port Five asked you to help the Jobe scientists by scanning some of the predators. Use the Scanning Device on the predators to retrieve the information from their ID chips, and return the Scanning Device to Ulf Reinhart when you are done.

  • Scan the Wounded Predator.
  • Scan the Limping Predator.
  • Scan the Pained Predator.
  • Scan the Howling Predator.

Final reward: The Girl that Saw it All - Chapter 2

Walkthrough Edit

Ulf gives you a scanning device and asks you to find the poor animals. I wish i knew where to find them.

These are the mobs that occasionally drop Predator Armor parts. Since that's a very sought after armor, these mobs unfortunately only have a life expectancy of a few seconds after spawning. There may be better ways of getting chapter 2 .....

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