A symbiant is a different type of item that can be installed in your implant slots.

Symbiants can be found in the Shadowlands. These are only useable by players with the Shadowlands expansion enabled.

Symbiants are like pre-built that offer a wider range of bonuses in an individual slot, but you don’t get to customise them in the same manner as implants as you have no choice over the bonuses that they provide.

The requirements to equip symbiants are also higher then that of regular implants of an equivalent quality level.

Symbiants can be found as drop from Pocketbosses. These bosses must be tradeskilled from pattern that drop in the Shadowlands.

Symbiants profession list Edit

Profession Artillery Control Extermination Infantry Support
Adventurer X - - X X
Agent X - - - -
Bureaucrat - X X - -
Doctor - - - - X
Fixer X - - - X
Enforcer - - - X -
Engineer - X - - -
Keeper - - - X X
Martial Artist - - - X X
Meta-Physicist - X X - X
Nano-Technician - - X - -
Shade - - - - -
Soldier X - - - -
Trader X X - - X



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