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Piercing MasteryEdit

Primary Skill for Damage/twinking on weapons
Adds Piercing skill by 200
Chains in Perks:3
Requirement for max:208

PM ChainsEdit

Perk NameDamageComments
Stab ChainLow Damage....
Double StabLow Damage....
Perforate ChainModerate Damage....
LacerateModerate Damage....
Impale ChainHigh Damage....
GoreHigh Damage....
HecatombInsane Damage....

Totemic RitesEdit

Martial arts 40
Sneak attack 100
Melee damage modifier 208
Poison damage modifier 208
Fire damage modifier 208
Nano damage modifier 208
Cold damage modifier 208
Projectile damage modifier 208
Energy damage modifier 208
Chemical damage modifier 208
Radiation damage modifier 208
Chains in Perks:1
Requirement for max:204

TR ChainEdit

Perk NameHea/Damage/Damage BuffComments
Ritual of DevotionDamage+Damage Buff....
Devour VigorHeal+Damage....
Ritual of ZealDamage+Damage Buff....
Devour EssenceHeal+damage....
Ritual of SpiritDamage+Damage Buff....
Devour VitalityHeal+Damage....
Ritual of BloodDamage+Damage Buff....

Spirit PhylacteryEdit

Max health 400
Defense modifier 150
Offense modifier 60
Sneak attack 100
Chains in Perks:1
Damage:Very Low
Requirement for max:203

SP ChainEdit

Perk Nameaad/aao/DoTComments
Capture Vigoraao/aad....
Unsealed BlightDoT....
Capture Essenceaao/aad....
Unsealed PestilenceDoT....
Capture Spiritaao/aad....
Unsealed ContagionDoT....
Capture Vitality204 aao/120 aad....

Sublime RapportEdit

Shade TouchEdit


Sneak attack 50
Duck explosives 100
Dodge ranged 100
Evade close 100
Concealment 100
Chains in Perks:0
Requirement for max:210

Shadow PerksEdit

Perk NameVariousComments
Bluraao/aad lower....
DiffuseSmall damage+Heal....
Chaos RitualModerate Damage....

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