New PvP System

Solo PvPEdit

Solo pvp ranking records progress from kills achieved while engaging in PVP

Soldier: Private, Gunner, Lance-Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, Drill Sergeant, Grenadier, Major, Brigadier, Lieutenant General

Martial Artist: Ashigaru, Mudansha, Okuiri, Mokoroku, Menkyo, Kaiden, Dai-Shihan, Shugyosha, Kengo, Kensei

Engineer: Vandal, Wrecker, Defacer, Breaker, Sapper, Saboteur, Pyrotechnist, Demolitionist, Deconstructor, Annhilator

Fixer: Phreaker, Scripter, Rigger, Hacker, Shifter, Programmer, Operator, Analyst, Security Expert, Guru

Agent: Prowler, Marksman, Hunter, Sniper, Killer, Eliminator, Executioner, Liquidator, Eraser, Professional

Adventurer: Tracker, Drifter, Poacher, Traveler, Vagabond, Chaser, Explorer, Pioneer, Outrider, Desperado

Trader: Hustler, Peddler, Retailer, Entrepreneur, Marketer, Dealer, Wholesaler, Distributor, Magnate, Tycoon

Bureaucreat: Receptionist, Assistant, Supervisor, Manager, Leader, Chief, Administrator, Executive, Director, Chancellor

Enforcer: Mook, Brute, Cutthroat, Obliterator, Slayer, Slaughterer, Crusher, Pulverizer, Eradicator, Destroyer 

Doctor: Chiropractor, Pharmacist, Intern, Aide, Resident, M.D., Physician, Toxicologist, Virologist, Archiater

Nanotechnician: Theorist, Technician, Illusionist, Catalyst, Accelerant, Elementalist, Kineticist, Thaumaturge, Nanobinder, Arch-Magus

Meta-Physcist: Clairvoyant, Mentalist, Psychic, Medium, Diviner, Visionary, Psion, Spiritualist, Summoner, Harbinger

Keeper: Ward, Squire, Chevalier, Knight, Banneret, Conqueror, Crusader, Hallowed, Partisan, Templar

Shade: Stalker, Butcher, Silencer, Defiler, Mirage, Obfuscator, Hazed, Veiled, Eidolon, Dominus Umbra

Team PvP Edit

Team pvp ranking records progress from kills achieved while engaging in PVP while in a team.

The Team Ranks are: Scout, Suppressor, Captain, Tactician, Leader, Commander, General, Distinguished, Honored, Hero

Duel PvP Edit

The Duel mode added with its own progression type. You can use the /duel command to start a duel.

The Duel Ranks are: Student, Freshman, Rookie, Apprentice, Novice, Neophyte, Veteran, Experienced, Expert, Champion

It is rumored that once top title level in all 3 catagories is reached, you become the elusive Grand Master.

Old PvP system Edit

PvP titles (Person versus person titles) are titles a character can earn after killing a certain amount of other players within your PvP level range. The PvP titles in Anarchy Online listed here, from 0 (Lowest)-8 (Highest):

Points Rank title
1300 - 1399 N/A
1400 - 1499 Freshman
1500 - 1599 Rookie
1600 - 1699 Apprentice
1700 - 1799 Novice
1800 - 1899 Neophyte
1900 - 1999 Experienced
2000 - 2099 Expert
2100 - 2299 Master
2300 - 2499 Champion
> 2500 Grandmaster

Obtaining titles takes a good amount of patience, and it gets harder the higher the your character's level. The thing about actually earning points, is that you can't, e.g. as a player with Apprentice rank, go around killing players that have a rank that is far away from your own, and earn points for it. As a player with Apprentice rank, the player will earn points from killing other Apprentice ranked players. You can also earn points for killing a Rookie ranked player, and a Novice ranked player, but you will not earn points for killing players of any other ranks.

Whether or not you earn points for killing players of another rank then the current character, depend on how many points you have in your own rank, and how many points the other player has.

Formula for calculating how many points you get for killing another player (he must be within 100 points of you):

Points Gained/Lost = ( Change_Modifier * Rating_Difference ) + Base_Change

Rating_difference is difference in points between you and your opponent (cant be bigger than 100 or you wont get/lose points)

Change_Modifier and Base_Change depend on the ammount of points you have:

Points Base_Change Change_Modifier
2099 points or less 16 0.04
2100 to 2400 points 12 0.03
2401 and more points 8 0.02

So depending on point difference you can gain (or loose):

Points Minimum Points Gained / Lost Maximum Points Gained / Lost
2099 points or less 12 20
2100 to 2400 points 9 15
2401 and more points 6 10

Making an example of this: Edit

Player A: (Apprentice, 1610 PvP points)

Player B: (Rookie, 1530 PvP points)

Player C: (Novice, 1705 PvP points)

To earn points for a kill, you have to be within 100 points of your victim.

If player A kills player B, player A will earn (-80*0.04)+16=13 points, and end up at 1623 points. Player B will lose 13 points as well and end up at 1517 points

If player B kills player A, player B will earn (80*0.04)+16=19 points, and end up at 1549 points. Player A will lose 19 points as well and end up at 1591 points and will lose his title

If player B kills player C or player C kills player B no points will be won/lost since their rating difference is 175 points

If player A kills player C, player A will earn (95*0.04)+16=20 points, and end up at 1630 points. Player C will lose 20 points as well and end up at 1685 points and will lose his title

If player C kills player A, player C will earn (-95*0.04)+16=12 points, and end up at 1717 points. Player C will lose 12 points as well and end up at 1598 points and will lose his title (this is one of the more extreme examples, in most cases you cant lose your title while fighting a higher ranked player)

Do you earn PvP points in teams?Edit

It has been a bit unclear about whether or not you earn PvP points in teams, but according to this official response, you do earn points no matter if you are in a team or not, as long as you do the most damage on the target, and as long as you are within its point range.

Although testing has shown that you gain and lose PvP points a LOT slower when in team.. There are some guesses that you gain (or lose) 1/6 of the non-teamed points, but it has not been confirmed

How do you actually know if you did the most damage on the target?Edit

If you do the most damage to the target, the game will usually tell you "Your target didn't lose enough to grant any reward". This means that the player you defeated has not lost enough percentage of the xp needed to level to drop a trophy (a pinky). If you are allowed to loot it, the game will tell you "You can loot these remains". As of patch series 16.x.x PVP looting (and XP gaining as well) are disabled and will most likely stay that way to encourage PVP.

Update: Lost Eden brought AO Battlestations. Important note about BS'es and PVP titles is that you will not get "Your target didn't lose enough to grant any reward" or "You can loot these remains" on BattleStation (but you still gain/lose points)

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