Polly Edit

Polly is a reet, one of several unique reet and leet mobs known collectively as "The Little Ones".

Polly is found in the southern half of Omni Forest. Head down to the Omni-Barracks area south of the gate, then travel west southwest until you can see a low swampy area ahead. Follow the ridge on the near side of the swamp anti-clockwise around the swamp. It may take several tries, but eventually Polly will attack without warning.

  • Zone: Omni Forest
  • Area: Swamp River Delta / Northern Drylands
  • Coords:
  • Drop: Support Wire (see inset), Rings of Power, art objects, jewelry and gemstones   
Support Wire
Slot: Left Shoulder
Stats: Heavy weapons +1 - 10, QL varies

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