Omni-Engineering is, by far, the largest department operating on Rubi-Ka. Like Omni-Tek on Rubi-Ka, they're but a cell of a larger, corporation-wide entity that develops Omni-Tek's technology. Omni-Mining and Omni-R&D fall under the direct jurisdiction of Omni-Engineering, though each department operates on its own once orders from Engineering come down. Omni-Engineering assigns tasks to these two departments; R&D for research, and mining for the materials needed to build. Omni-Engineering its self is solely responsible for construction and implementation of R&D's findings via the use of Mining's resources. Omni-Engineering was the first department to begin fully functioning on Rubi-Ka, setting up the first mining operations there and implementing Omni-Med's biological developments to begin the process of terra-forming.

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