The communications portion of Omni-Tek's Rubi-Kan operations is one of the most shrouded in darkness, trailing only Omni-Reform and Omni-InternOps in its secrecy. One of there more well-known endeavours is running the Grid transit system in cooperation with Omni-Trans, who initially had some part in developing the necessary technology. Given the nature of the Grid, Omni-Com was more recently put in charge of information technology on Rubi-Ka; their experience in running vast computer systems is vital to such projects. The first major project they were given after developing the Grid transit system, as a part of their IT. assignment, was handling the allocation of resources for maintenance and further development of the insurance system. Omni-Com also handles on-and-off-planet communications, be they local radio or larger trans-solar-system arrays. They're also Omni-Tek's electronic warfare experts, running communications interception operations such as monitoring Clan activity.

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