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The NotuComm Mesh is the starting point for two other tradeskills, and it is certainly a task to undertake creating since it requires you to find 36 cold stones!

Required skills Edit

  • Nano Programing (NP)

Required Items and Tools Edit

Component *1 Location min. QL
Cold Stone x36 C Mission Drop 90% of Wire
Min 144
Reinforced NotuComm Wire C Tower Shop Sets QL
Min 160
Nano Programing Interface C Shop Tools -
*1 R = reuseable, C = consumed

Tradeskill Process Edit

The combination of items in Anarchy Online works as followed:

Open the tradeskill window (Ctrl-t). Here you can place the two items you want to combine in the left and middle part. The resulting Item will be shown in the right area. Missing skills, or non possible combinations will be shown below. A detailed look on the resulting item is possible with a simple shift-left-click on it. It is recommended to have free inventory space before combining items, else the item will end in the overflow window.

161699 + File:136649.png = File:203648.png Skills: NP
Nano Programming Interface Cold Stone Sentient Cold Stone 4.5 x Ql
File:203648.png + File:203645.png = File:203641.png Skills: None
Sentient Cold Stone x6 Nano Sensor Complete NotuComm Circuitry

With the above process, 6 Complete NotuComm Circuitry items need to be made to proceede to the next step.

File:203641.png + File:203641.png = File:203639.png Skills: None
Complete NotuComm Circuitry Complete NotuComm Circuitry Double NotuComm Circuitry

Before moving onto the last step, two Double NotuComm Circuitry items need to be made.

File:203639.png + File:203639.png = File:203643.png Skills: None
Double NotuComm Circuitry Double NotuComm Circuitry Quadruple NotuComm Circuitry
File:203639.png + File:203643.png = File:203623.png Skills: None
Double NotuComm Circuitry Quadruple NotuComm Circuitry NotuComm Mesh

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