This is a short quest which will allow you to transfer quickly between areas in Nascence without having to keep control of your insignias. To start this quest, talk to Scientist Veronica Escobar just past the first Hiathlin spot from the wall breach (Note that you do not have to have the Jobe Bracer in order to do this, even if the quest text asks for it.). After having talked to her, walk onward toward the Nascence Wilds and use the statue just ahead to Brawl. Here, look for Prophet Yutt Thrak, who should be in the same area as you are. After having talked to him, go back to the Garden of Thrak, and find Hypnagogic Urga-Lum Thrak. He can be found in the west side of the garden, approximately at co-ordinates 460x350. After gaining his Silvertail quest, make sure you have four insignias. Then go find some silvertails (Old Frontier/Frontier Bridge is good) and tag them by opening a conversation, then giving them the Ancient Device. Note that you need to use the tradeskills menu to charge the Device with an insignia every time you use it on a silvertail. After tagging three silvertails, go back to Hypnagogic Urga-Lum Thrak, and claim your Key to the Garden Of Thrak.

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