Component belts are used to open deck slots allowing more NCU Memory chips to be equiped.

Name QLBelt DecksRequirementsOther Benefits
252158Blackmane's Belt Component Platform12CompLit.>=20MaxNCU 2
245025Trader's Utility Belt203CompLit.>=100,
+20 EE, ME, QFT
WS +10 PH, NP, CH, PS
+5 Tutoring
36777Belt Component Platform 300X303CompLit.>=76
36785Belt Component Platform 4IX604CompLit.>=161
36784Belt Component Platform 50001005CompLit.>=251
254372Overclocked Belt Component Platform15CompLit.>=276,
Expansion=Alien Invasion
+20 NCU, +50 Max Health
36787Belt Component Platform 6K-X 1606CompLit.>=351
202734Belt of Justice13CompLit.>=79
Tokens>=81 Faction=Clan
MaxNCU 10 Offense Modifier 5
204601Guardian Circuit Board15CompLit.>=225 & Lvl >= 20MaxNCU 15 MaxNanoEnergy 70
257119 Hadrulf's Viral Belt Component Platform3006CompLit.>=1501
Exp=Alien Invasion
MaxNCU 30 & other benefits


--Created JungleGeorge 1:313 17 April 2007 (CEST)

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