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Shadowland Perks Edit

Soothing Spirit Edit

This Meta-Physicist only perk line is divided into ten levels. You can select the first one at level 30 and the last one at level 203.
It contains two special actions: Spirit of Purity and Spirit of Blessing. Its direct bonus to your character may seem low, however this line is thought of as the best one a meta-physicist can specialize in. This is because in addition to the lowly 200 HP and 300 nano you get from maxing Soothing Spirit you will boost your healpet's healing power on every odd perk level. The increase in healing power you obtain at maxed Soothing Spirit is roughly a 50% bonus.
The special actions are Spirit of Blessing and Spirit of Purity.
Spirit of Blessing is a team heal, independant from the pet. Each level taken in Soothing Spirit once you have the special will make you heal for more, toping at 1.300 HP per use.
Spirit of Purity is a team nano refill. Each level taken in Soothing Spirit once you have the special will make you heal for more, toping at 1.300 nano per use.

It is highly recommended by experimented players to maximize Soothing Spirit as soon as you can and whenever you can.

Channel Rage Edit

This Meta-Physicist only perk line is divided into ten levels. You can select the first one at level 10 and the last one at level 210. It contains one special action: Channel Rage. Like Soothing Spirit, Channel Rage boosts the attack pet. The bonus given by Channel Rage maxed out to the character are 210 HP, 100 AddAllDef, +85 Time Space, +85 Matter Creation and 195 Nano Resist. The bonus of the maxed out version of the pet effect is +30 to AddAllOff and +300 to all damage types. The special action Channel Rage triggers the bonus to the attack pet.

Channel Rage's utility in comparison to other lines is highly discussed and comes down to a matter of personnal preferences and priorities.

Nano Doctorate Edit

Starfall Edit

Theoritical Research Edit

Blunt Mastery Edit

Blunt Mastery is a perk Meta-Physicists shares with Enforcers. The MP can only train it to perk 4, and you need to be level 80 to train it to max. Blunt Mastery will add a total of 45 points in 1 Hand Blunt, wich is allways a nice extra for the 1HB MP's out there. At perk # 2 trained you will recive the special Quick Bash, The effect of this Special is a direct damage. To preform this special, you will need to weild a 1HB weapon.

Pistol Mastery Edit

Notum Source Edit

Alien Invasion Perks Edit

Ancient Knowledge Edit

First things first: Ancient Knowledge is bugged. The special action it contains and that should affect attack pets has no effect. Consider yourself warned if you choose the perk line anyway. The usefulness of Ancient Knowledge is disputed among Meta-Physicists. It is however generally admitted that in its current form it's not and by far the best investment to make as far as Alien Invasion perks go.

Ranger Edit

Supposedly this line should be more useful to Martial Artists than to ourselves. A Martial Artist solely using bow is a rare sight though and they have other priorities to invest their AI points in. Ranger is a specialized weapon line that buffs the bow skill and bow special attack. Meta-Physicists are allowed to train this perk up to rank 6. Maxing it to rank 6 gives a boost of 75 Bow skill and 38 Bow Special Attack skill. Since there is no Shadowlands perkline for bow and no nanoprogram to buff the skill other than the generic ones, it is highly recommended to bow users to take it when their other priorities allow themselves to.

The special actions are:

Clearshot: This is a direct damage perk. The damage depends upon your bow skill. Recharge is 55 seconds. Hits on chemical AC.

Popshot: This is a direct damage perk. This perk starts at rank 6 and grows with more points invested in it. A Meta-Physicist will only see the first rank effect of it. Damage depends on bow skill and the number of ranks invested. Recharge 25 seconds. Hits on Energy AC.

The Unknown Factor Edit

Champion of... lines Edit

Breed Genome Lines Edit

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