There are 3 types of Mechs and 2 Turrets introduced with the release of Lost Eden. These vehicles are availible to each of the factions based on their faction Research. They function as PvP tools but with very specific limitations. The vehicle's characteristics are set by the level of the person using the vehicle as well as the upgrades researched by the faction.

Mechs Edit

Mechs are mobile weapons platforms with varying degrees of speed and manueverability, they are primarily intended to engage each other and not ground personel.


Personal Mech

  • Personal Mechanised Vehicle
    • Special Attacks: Fling Shot, Burst, Full Auto

The personal Mech is only given to players who pre-ordered Lost Eden, it has a nice overall attack, defense and speed.

  • Mechanised Scout Vehicle
    • Special Attacks: Fling Shot, Burst, Full Auto

The Scout Mech is the fastest of the bunch, but has the weakest guns and armor.

  • Mechanised Assault Vehicle
    • Special Attacks: Fling Shot, Burst, Full Auto

The Assault Mech is the largest and most powerful, the only downside to this monster is its incredibly slow attack speed and run speed.

Turrets Edit

Turrets are stationary gun emplacements that are designed for combating specific types of targets. They can only be used in BattleStations and your organization's tower areas.


Anti-Personel Turret

  • Anti-Personel (AP) Turret
    • Special Attacks: Fling Shot, Burst, Full Auto

As you could have guessed, this turret is a menace to anyone not in a mech.


Anti-Vehicular Battery

  • Anti-Vehicular (AV) Battery
    • Special Attacks: Fling Shot, Burst, Full Auto

The exact opposite of the anti-personel turret, this has a longer range but only does noticable damadge to mechs.

Rules for Mechs and Turrets Edit

  • While using a mech your abilities become those of the mech so you lose the benefit of buffs, perk abilites, and area nano programs.
  • Mechs cannot jump
  • Mech damage against unmeched targets for all but the AP Turret are done at fractions of the normal damage.
  • When engaging in combat or being engaged, a meched character cannot leave their mech.
  • After leaving a mech there is a 5 minute timer till another can be ordered.
  • Dying while in a mech does not come with a 5 minute timer.
  • Leaving a zone in a mech (and therefore being forced to unmech) does not come with a 5 minute timer.

Notes Edit

  • On April 21st, the Neutrals of Atlantean finished all of their global research.

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