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Grid and whom-pah locations Edit

A Guide to Rubi-Ka Concise guide with grid and whom-pah locations.

Travel to Rubi-Ka (Old BIG map) Grid locations and map.

Travel To Rubi-Ka: Whompa Whom-pah locations and map.

Cities and towns Edit




Bars Edit




  • Rompa Bar
  • Baboons
  • Relax! (The Dancing Atrox)
  • Omni Shop Bars
  • Silk (that is one of a weird sign in correlation with the room behind)
  • The Maniac Miner (closed to the public)
  • Heads and Tails (closed to the public)
  • Lush Hills Resort (closed to the public)
  • 1 more in entertainment (closed to the public)
  • 1 more in 4holes (closed to the public)

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