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General information Edit

Npc eric mendelson


  • Eric Mendelson
  • Solitus Trader


  • Clan
  • Organisation unknown


  • near the Whompah in Varmint Woods
  • Coordinates: 2461 x 2144
  • Area: Varmint Woods Swampland

Dialog with Eric Mendelson Edit

Cirte: Hi
Eric Mendelson: Hi.
Cirte: Who are you?
Eric Mendelson: My name is Eric Mendelson. I'm a trader.
Cirte: What do you do?
Eric Mendelson: I trade various goods.

And in my spare time, I try to save the world.
Well... a small part of it anyway.
More specifically, I'm trying to save the Rhinomen from extinction.

Cirte: Tell me more about the Rhinomen.
Eric Mendelson: The Rhinomen are the result of Omni-Med experiments, like most of the other monsters you find on Rubi-Ka.

They got loose in the wild when the Eco-Warriors attacked the Omni-Med lab.
Since then, Omni-Tek has tried to wipe them out.

Cirte: Tell me more about Omni-Tek.
Eric Mendelson: Omni-Tek is a totally fascist corporation.

They actually believe than any lifeform not employed by Omni-Tek doesn't have the right to live!
In this area, they are especially trying to wipe out the poor Rhinomen.
There are several Omni-Tek poachers around here.
They have destroyed entire villages of poor defenseless Rhinomen!

Cirte: Poachers?
Eric Mendelson: The poachers kill Rhinomen and sell their teeth!

It sickens me.
The worst one is a guy called Stanley Adams.

Cirte: Tell me about Stanley Adams.
Eric Mendelson: He's the worst of the poachers.

I've heard that he loves killing Rhino babies and making necklaces of their eyes!

Cirte: Goodbye
Eric Mendelson: Goodbye.

--Cirte 10:55, 14 April 2006 (CEST)

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