There are 3 Anarchy Online servers available. The servers can be accessed with an account. Beside the live servers there is also a test server. The test server is for testing patches before they are released on the live servers. All of the servers are hosted in the United States.


The Atlantean and Rimor servers is for mainly English speaking players (while other languages such as French are also often used) and the Die neue Welt is mainly for German speaking players. The support on Die neue Welt is provided by Gamigo.


  • Original-Name: Rubi-Ka 1
  • Online since: Live since June 27, 2001
  • GameServer:
  • Chatserver:


  • Original-Name: Rubi-Ka 2
  • Online since: Live since July 30, 2001
  • GameServer:
  • Chatserver:

Die neue Welt (DnW)

  • Online since: Beta: 01.05.2002 / Live: 24.05.2002
  • GameServer:
  • Chatserver:

Test Server

  • GameServer:
  • Chatserver:


If you use a firewall you have to open following ports:

  • 80
  • TCP ports 7500-7600

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