Appeareance and Features Edit

Neck 245975 Back
RShoulder 245964 LShoulder
245973 245969 245973
RWrist 245971 LWrist
RFinger 245967 LFinger

ProjectileAC: 3500
MeleeAC: 3500
EnergyAC: 3500
FireAC: 3500
ColdAC: 3500
RadiationAC: 3500
ChemicalAC: 2100
PoisonAC: 2100
RangedInit.: 105
PhysicalInit.: 105
MeleeInit.: 105
DodgeRanged: 105
EvadeClsC: 105
DuckExp: 105
Concealment: 70
Perception: 70

Pro 'n' Con Edit



Comments Edit

You need Hacker Tools 87814 and Clanalizer File:208313.png for each part to build this armor from Leather Armor or Sid's Leather Armor.

The Leather VestFile:85481.png can now be made into the Apocalypse leather armor body. You no longer only need to use Leather Body ArmorFile:85697.png or Sid's Leather Body ArmorFile:85695.png.

-- ChaosSystem 13:30, 10. Mär 2005 (CET)
translated by --Cirte 20:48, 1 December 2005 (CET)
updated by Kabrinski 13:43 14 February 2007 reference AOWarcry

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